Texas Allied Petroleum – A New Dawn in the Oil Industry

Texas Allied Petroleum, Inc. is an oil and gas exploration company that is also involved in distribution of products extracted from fossils of natural gas and oil after processing. The company was established in the month of November 2005, and is privately owned and funded. It is composed of highly qualified and reputable executives.
Despite the young age of the company, it has made a good name for itself. With the headquarters of the company located in Austin, Texas, it has production wells all over the US, including Kansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana State waters and Wyoming. Texas Allied Petroleum mainly focuses on undertaking low-risk to mid-risk ventures in the range of 1,000’ to 10,000’.
In the years that Texas Allied Petroleum was taking shape, the main area of focus was exploring of natural gas but in the mid-2008 the prices of the commodity peaked and then took a dip. Due to the fluctuations, there was a need to shift the focus to the production of oil henceforth. But to achieve a revenue source, free of fluctuations, the company’s main objective had to change to attain a fifty-fifty mix of both natural oil and gas. This change has led to the company’s success especially in shallow exploration and actually led to the additional acquisition of assets at the same production level. It has firmly made an impression in the industry. It recently announced their Cooper Cove; Little Laramie and Herrick fields had been reworked and were producing around 100 barrels of oils in a day.
Texas Allied Petroleum now produces more than 500,000 cubic ft of natural gas and oil in a single day and recently, drilled and tested their WilsonTodd oiler, and also contributed to the drilling of a 2,200 ft well in Coffee County, Kansas. To increase profitability, a large scale surface discharge system, which could increase production and reduce operating cost, is being tested. It has grown rapidly with plans to even expand more. It recently undertook an oil and natural gas lease of 300 acres in the Henry Crooks Survey, in Lavaca County, Texas, where there are plans to produce around 4 wells in the sands of Yegua. Afterwards, it contributed to the completion of the 10,000 ft, Neuman #1 well in Liberty County, Texas. And when it comes to technology, the company began drilling new wells in South Texas using 3D seismic technology. In addition, the company can now purchase existing production.


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Texas Allied Petroleum – A Company Aimed at Making a Difference

Texas Allied Petroleum, a privately owned company is supervised and regulated by a board of directors, who have immense experience in the industry. The company has an active involvement in oil and gas production and exploration, processing natural gas and fossil oil, and distributing extracted products. Although the company’s headquarters are situated in Austin, Texas, it runs its operation throughout the U.S.
Major developments of the company
Currently, in every twenty-four hours, the company produces over half a million cubic ft of natural gas. It adapts to controlled and strict quality guidelines and is committed to increase oil production. It also explores fresh opportunities and new ways for oil and gas reserves. Texas Allied Petroleum knows the consumer demands of the market and strives to delivery products of the highest quality.
In line with their goal of development and expansion, Texas Allied Petroleum in January of 2012 announced their plan to install up to four pumps in Herrick fields and Little Laramie in Wyoming. It is expected to complete the installation in December of the same year.
The company is doing its best to finish up on the final areas of the huge discharge system of the surface in those fields. These large-scale systems will allow the disposal of increased liquefied manufacture in line with its efforts. It projects that the whole system will be fully operational by the close of 2012, and they anticipate a raise in coarse production.
Texas Allied Petroleum was delighted to broadcast the recompletion of Loeher #5 well the Texas county of Goliad, which was successful. After several years of production in the 2800’ objective, the company made the decision to shift up-hole and puncture the 2700’ sand. So far, the outcome is extremely encouraging.
Within the initial stages of oil production, it has sustained a rate of over 100 MCF each day. At some area in quite near the future, they will need to test up-hole additional zones, but as per present indications, they have achieved a profit-making well. Since its establishment seven years ago, Texas Allied Petroleum has been establishing a mark in the natural gas and oil production. It identifies particular targets in gas and oil fields that convene the company’s risk and reward standards. It began execution of scheme by making drills of fresh wells of gas in Texas with 3-D seismic technology. Now it uses a wide variety of methods for natural fossil production.